Inner Business training is characterised by an number of principles which we believe are essential to the optimum outcome for participants.
Briefly these are :

Learning by doing - our programmes are a mixture of formal (and informal) inputs and practice sessions. Emphasis is given to allowing maximum time for participants to experiment with their new skills and to allow them to discuss the outcome of those experiments with each other and with us.

We work on real tasks - participants bring real, important, timely tasks to work on where their level of ownership is clear. Depending on the programme each individual brings his / her own task or the whole group works on a larger, commonly owned, task. Therefore participants make progress on things which are real and important in conditions which are realistic (so far as is possible during a training course). Accordingly there is a much greater chance of them making use of it successfully later.

Everyone has the opportunity to practice different roles in the team, to participate in the group and to lead the group. A thorough understanding, from personal experience, of the different challenges and difficulties of each role is essential to successful application of the new skills and processes. [Please note that in programmes with larger numbers of participants there may be insufficient time for everyone to experiment with each role : we will always make it clear when this is the case]

We go beyond doing it by rote - avoiding the “same ideas over and over again” trap by building an understanding of how the processes work.

Skill development is accompanied by an understanding of the attitudes and behaviours which support the successful application of those skills.

Use of video. Where appropriate we make extensive use of video to provide objective, unbiased, accurate feedback to participants. We use video in a positive, supportive, fashion, reinforcing good practice (rather than punishing mistakes). Accordingly our use of video is in alignment with and supports the creation of the positive, open minded atmosphere necessary for creativity and teamwork.

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