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mind2mind begins where normal customer/consumer research leaves off.

mind2mind capitalises on the creative capacity of your customers/consumers.

mind2mind process enables you to interact powerfully and quickly with them to great effect.

mind2mind is a process of co-invention where you work with your customers to invent the future together.

mind2mind is a method of working directly with your customers/consumers in a creative format to significantly reduce development time,

mind2mind is a genuine meeting of minds for mutual benefit. It is not one group evaluating (often negatively) the thinking of another.

mind2mind has been successfully used to :
create new products or services.
evaluate and improve on existing products or services
review and develop new product/service ideas
tackle difficult problems
We have successfully applied mind2mind in fields as diverse as :
invention of product lines
finance / banking
design of major public facilities
science & technology

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Inner Business : mind2mind