Inner Business : Our Mission - to Make a Difference
  • creation of ideas, solutions, new products and services etc
  • resolution of problems
  • progress on issues
  • strategies
  • plans
  • making changes
  • creating / stimulating action
In the long term, people and groups who work with us derive persistent benefits in terms of :
  • personal development
  • skills
  • abilities
  • teamwork
  • synergies (internal and external)
  • increased efficacy
  • changes in attitude and behaviour (where appropriate)

When we work with our clients we often find ourselves working with people who are already enormously capable. We are able to add value by giving them :

  • an extra edge
  • extra tools
  • the ability to create more options
  • a way to make the best use of those extra options

Our Clients tend to be :

  • Highly creative and innovative individuals and teams who recognise that their performance can be boosted by working with us
  • Organisations where there is a gap in creativity and innovation which we can fill
  • People who are faced with new and/or difficult challenges who need help and support
  • Teams and organisations that need to change

Finally two prime reasons why people work with us and why, in the main, we have been able to develop long term relationships with our clients.

People enjoy working with us
∙ It reinvigorates the pleasure that they find in their work
∙ When people are enjoying what they do they do it better so there are significant benefits for the business
∙ This is particularly important where you are going through challenging times (by the way - all times seem to be challenging these days)

People find what we do genuinely valuable
We are not like the consultants who borrow your watch then charge you for telling you the time. We provide important solutions that would otherwise not be realised or which would take far longer and cost a great deal more to create and execute.

The feedback that we get from our clients suggests that part of the reason they like to work with us is because

  • we go beyond the obvious. We help them to discover the non-obvious answers that give bigger, better, more powerful solutions than those which arise from application of logical / deductive reasoning. Solutions which are only obvious in retrospect.
  • provide long term benefits/pay-offs as well as creating short terms wins.
    So in the short term we can help with :

Inner Business : Making a Difference