Inner Business Innovation Quotient (IQ) : maximising Innovation Performance.

Innovation Quotient is a System, a Diagnostic and a Masterclass in Innovation.

IQ is new. It is a complete system providing explanation, understanding, guidance, tools and techniques for improving Innovation Performance. It is applicable to individuals, teams and organisations.

IQ is based around 4 principal archetypes which we have identified out of more than twenty years involvement in innovation projects with some of the foremost innovative companies in the world. To mix a metaphor : “We’ve been developing IQ for the last 6 months but it’s been growing for over twenty years and now it has, finally, come of age.”

We have always maintained that everyone can perform better and, indeed, we have repeatedly been able to demonstrate that everyone has a contribution to make in innovation. However one thing has always been clear. Individual people are better at some parts of the process than others.

The innovation process as a whole is a complex, multi faceted beast. The requirements for optimum performance at different stages vary considerably. It is very rare indeed, even at the most elevated levels in organisations, for an individual to excel at all of those aspects.

In an ideal world we would all be part of perfectly balanced teams who work together superbly, who are mutually supportive and interact perfectly. Unfortunately the real world is a bit different. People have preferences / comfort zones, they excel at different parts. The things that drive their performance differ. Sometimes we even have to work in relative isolation without the help of others.

Innovation Quotient provides an explanation for why all that happens, it gives people a system that they can closely and easily identify with and which makes sense to them. Leading on from that it provides mechanisms for balancing teams and improving personal performance.

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