Stimulating, mediating and facilitating all aspects innovation in business including new products, services and processes.
Inventing new things and doing things differently.

Why Innovation fails :
"Most innovation founders at, or just before, the point of implementation.
Businesses have come to accept a high mortality rate for innovation.
Truly new and original ideas rarely emerge fully formed and ready for implementation, these ideas are either ejected or, worse, executed poorly."
Our Approach

Invention is only the beginning of the process.
Inner Business can drastically improve the chances of successful innovation
We offer a complete Innovation service covering all of the stages in the process :

∙ identifying / defining the need / opportunity
∙ creative invention process
∙ refinement and development process
∙ winning support and commitment
∙ problem solving around implementation issues
∙ monitoring and feedback systems

We facilitate the whole process and can also offer help with individual stages in isolation.

Inner Business utilises powerful creative techniques coupled with deep understanding of human interactive process to accelerate the process of innovation and to produce excellent results.

Inner Business : Innovation