Inner Business facilitate all sorts of workshops and events ranging from large conferences to small, intimate meetings. Our range encompasses all aspects of new product development, innovation, invention and design, strategic planning, making changes, naming and working with customers - to name but a few. There are certain aspects of our approach which clients tell us make a difference.

Inner Business facilitation goes far beyond standing in front of a group writing things down on a flip chart and managing an agenda. We use very powerful models and processes which we have developed over a period of more than twenty years to help our clients to meet all sorts of challenges, to do things which are new and different. For example some of the things which characterise our approach include :
Planning and design for success
We devote as much attention to planning for and designing the process of our workshops as we do to facilitating them.
We ensure that you will understand what to expect and what we will need from you for the workshop to be successful. We will agree detailed outcomes and success criteria before we begin the workshop process design.
We will design a process for the workshop which will include a series of exercises, specifically tailored to your task, to stimulate creative thinking.
Leading by example
Where appropriate we work as a team, taking turns to facilitate and to participate in the workshop. While one of us is facilitating the other joins in the idea generation process. This enables us to add value in a number of different ways.
When facilitating we remain visibly impartial, this :
∙ reassures participants that their ideas (however radical or speculative) will get equal treatment
∙ makes sure that all ideas are captured accurately
∙ means that the facilitator can focus on the process and can manage the group effectively
Joining in the idea generation process enables us to :
∙ model good behaviour, clearly demonstrating the approach which will enable participants to get the most from the session
∙ set the pace and style for making contributions
∙ contribute provoking ideas which will act as a stimulus for other participants
We clearly separate out our involvement in facilitation and in idea generation.
Our purpose is to stimulate your thinking rather than to contribute the winning idea. Our eclectic backgrounds (including science, technology, marketing, coaching and mentoring) enable us to do this effectively.
While we put considerable effort into planning our workshops. We also recognise that, because they are dynamic events, surprises can, and will, happen. We are able to modify our process plans to respond to changing circumstances. This means that you can have the option of following up on interesting (but unexpected) developments as they happen.
You stay in control
Before and during the workshop we will consult with you frequently to ensure that we are still on track and that you are getting what you need. Should we need to respond to changing circumstances and deviate from the plan we will make the likely consequences (in terms of reaching our original objectives) clear.
We facilitate : you make the critical decisions.
Overall - People enjoy working with us
∙ It reinvigorates the pleasure that they find in their work
∙ When people are enjoying what they do they do it better so there are significant benefits for the business
∙ This is particularly important where you are going through challenging times

And as a result the work we do with them tends to “stick” !

Inner Business : Facilitation