This year Dave & Marian have decided to swim the Dart 10k on September 22nd !

The 10k is the “marathon of swiming”. A distance of 10 kilometers (6.2 miles in old money) it takes Olympic swimers about 2 hours to complete the course (just like in the road Marathon). So it's a really significant challenge. You can find out more about the challenge at :

We’d like to use the oportunity raise some much neded funds for Bude Sea Pool which is an important part of the South West’s infrastucture and whose funding has been removed, so it's up to us to keep it going. You can find out more about Bude Sea Pool, its importance, heritage and role by following the link to Friends of Bude Sea Pool :

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Marian & Dave about to go training

I've been keeping a log of our outdoor swim training progress. you can monitor our progress by clicking HERE.

Some Recent Key Moments :
17 August - we begin to realise that the water temperatures are lower this year. Marian starts to suffer from the cold
3 September - we do our longest training swim (5 Miles) Marian gets struck in the eye by another swimmer and ends up freezing cold - it's not going well !
7 Sept - the OSS email out a low temperature warning with our registration info
9 Sept - The Blue Mile. Marian's 1st solo swim in rough water. A significant milestone.
10 Sept - Dave aggrivates an old injury to his left shoulder while training and has to stop swimming. This is getting complicated !
15 Sept - Testing Dave's shoulder over 3 miles. Changing his stroke and putting less power in seems to do the trick. Slower and harder but no further damage. Marian wears extra insulation so survives the cold.

All Sysytems Go !!!

Text donation details

We’d really welcome your sponsorship.
You can sponsor us in 3 different ways, you can :

Download a sponsor form by clicking on the image on the left and sending the proceeds on to us. We will forward everything to the Friends of the Sea Pool.

By Text : Text a donation as described on the image below left

Online : by going to the Friends of Bude Sea Pool page on "The Big Give" website.

Unfortunately we are unable to personalise the "Big Give" web page or the Text system to track donations made to sponsor us. But we'd really like to know if you do donate that way. If you donate online or by text please email to let us know. Contact details can be found on the link at the top of the page.
We'll put something here to let you know how we got on after we recover.

Dave & Marian Swam The Dart 10k : Our "report" is at the bottom of the page