Inner Business Consultancy

We are facilitative consultants. This means that you stay in control
We deliver your solutions not ours, our role is to :
∙ Facilitate, guide and mentor
∙ Share our experiences and perspective
∙ Challenge you at all stages to ensure rigour
You Decide

Part of our uniqueness arises from our focus on process

We design programmes in response to specific requests from clients - tailoring to fit rather than force fitting off-the-shelf items.

We adopt many different formats : conferences, seminars, workshops and 1:1 mentoring.

We work throughout the UK and internationally. We have been involved in all aspects of business life, projects include :
Mediating a major change programme for the management of a soft drinks company.

Team development - especially in creativity and problem solving with a number of clients in different sectors.

Strategic planning. Creating a new international strategic plan with the chief executives of operating companies from around the world.

Creative design input to the design and operation of a new airport terminal

Teamwork and strategic planning with the board of a pan-European manufacturing business.

Development and implementation of a new organisational structure for the marketing division of a retail chain.

New product development and implementation for a number of clients in different sectors.

Creative consumer research workshops exploring brand propositions for consumer video.

Conflict resolution between companies involved in a major construction project.

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