Applied Creativity was developed in the light of conversations over the years with clients who expressed dissatisfaction with the creativity and innovation training available in the market place. And : specifically in response to a request from one client who leads the innovation group in a major international company. He was particularly concerned to give members of his team some extra training which they would really be able to make use of and which would retain its freshness and originality after the programme had finished

His main interests were group creative process and facilitation. He told us that they had undergone creativity training from a number of suppliers over the years but they had not experienced lasting success. Things worked well during the course, and for a short time afterwards, however the tools and techniques they were using rapidly became stale and the results of their creative sessions became predictable.

He went so far as to say,
“......when I’m invited to a brainstorming session I’m tempted to send along a note with
my ideas on rather than to turn up in person .... because I always have the same set of ideas.”

He went on to comment that, even when they had an apparently successful session they would emerge with long lists of ideas - which gave them a great feel-good factor but which they were unable (for a variety of reasons) to implement.
They tended to only be able to action ideas which were mundane and run of the mill.

We ran a workshop for him which produced spectacular results. He asked us to teach them to reproduce what we did that made us so successful. The result was the Applied Creativity series of programmes.

We piloted and delivered the original course in 2001. We have been running the programme very successfully since then . Our original client and his team are actively making use of what they learned and now successfully run creative sessions within their own department and for other colleagues.

The full programme includes Applied Creativity for Teams, Facilitator Training and Creativity Working Alone.

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